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all descriptions you want and need regarding your information technology (IT) infrastructure and business systems. They are ubiquitous in all modern day organizations, and are constantly changing, evolving, and becoming more critical, with one or more likely allowing your business to actually exist. Yet, even given this, most have nothing to do with the mission of your organization, and are delegated to someone you hope is doing the right thing. Selecting/designing, implementing, and managing these systems that run your various business functions are complex undertakings, and often a source of stress, cash drains with unclear benefits , and last years with unfulfilled promises. 'You can't live with them, but your organization does not exist without them!'


broad Thinking uses methods, practices, and approaches proven over 30+ years to achieve indelible, reliable, valid systems, mature, professional, and engaged IT organizations, and business-oriented IT plans and strategies to keep your company running smooth and confident.


If you want/need a techie, we're not it; if you want/need counseling on your IT systems and efforts that will clearly make a difference for your organization, please drop us a note or give us a ring. We would be glad to help.



photo of Bryan Gathagan

Bryan Gathagan

Managing Member

Principal Consultant

31 years professional experience

Thinker, Advisor, Leader

  • executive leadership and world-class results in every IT functions
  • CIO/CTO (even CFO), infrastructure/systems development & management, software/ solution design, programming/application development, systems architecture/ overall design ... you name it ...
  • board-level advisory in every phase of the life cycle
  • idea, planning, designing, selecting, building/implementing, operating, managing, upgrading, and, ultimately, retiring
  • hands-on leadership experience at every size
  • from a single office with 50 end users to 5,000 in 80 locations over 55 countries and everything in between
  • broad IT experience - multiple industries and types of businesses
  • Animal Health, Credit Card Banking, Asset-Backed Securities, Higher Education, IT Consulting, Biological Manufacturing (world's largest)

the things we do

  • IT Executive Advising
  • IT Coaching
  • IT Planning & Strategy Development
  • IT Assessments & Due Diligence
  • IT Organizational Development
  • IT Vendor Selection
  • Management Assessment
  • Technology Roadmap Reviews
  • System Transitions Counseling
  • Risk Analyses
  • Big Data/Business Intelligence
  • IT Outsourcing Initiatives

where we work

based on Florida's spectacular Gulf Coast

Sarasota, Florida

practice throughout

North America


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